STD Test Results

When will I get my results?

Your STD test results are usually ready in less than 72 hours, and the early detection test for HIV takes about five days. You’ll get an email informing you that your results are in, and the message will give you easy instructions on how to sign into your account. If you test positive, one of our doctors will call you within a day. There are no extra charges for this consultation. And, if your State’s regulations allow it, our doctor can prescribe you medicine that you will be able to get from a nearby pharmacy, and also set you up for local doctor visits.

What do test results look like?

Our test results are easy to read, but if you need help understanding them feel free to call (855) 847-7254 any day of the week between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST. The Care Advisor will help you in any way they can, including if you need to speak with a doctor.

Can I access my STD test results on my mobile phone?

Sure you can. The results will be sent in PDF file format, which can easily be opened with most smartphones.

Test Results